Yellow Fever Waiver Kenya to Tanzania

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I am scheduled to tour Kenya & Tanzania in November. A Yellow Fever vaccine is mandatory or you can get a waiver if over 60 years of age. The travel clinic I went to granted the waiver. I just read that the waiver can be accepted or DENIED at the discretion of Kenya/Tanzania border agents. Please, if you had a YF waiver and traveled from Kenya to Tanzania recently let me know if you had any problem. Thank you, Amy R

I just booked a trip with Lion World to Kenya and Tanzania for 2020. Lion World reps told me that waivers for the yellow fever vaccination could be obtained if you had a doctors letter noting that the vaccine might be unsafe for the traveler. I had the vaccine in 2000 and plan to obtain another even at age 72. But should my husband who has cancer treated via chemo be allowed to go, he will obtain the letter so stating and trust border agents will accept the letter. I am interested in responses from other respondents as well as your experience in November. Happy Travels!

You may not need another yellow fever vaccination. I just heard that current thinking says the original shot may be good for life. But I would still consult a travel doctor, for a professional opinion.

Hi, Wanda,
Thank you for your reply. I did have a consultation with a travel clinic and was told that because I do not have any contraindications she urged me to get the vaccine. I declined and she was mailing me the waiver. After speaking with my tour operator, Friendly Planet, I decided to have the vaccine because even with the waiver, entry into Tanzania is at the discretion of the border agents although she never heard of anyone being denied entry into Tanzania. Isn't it strange that if your 1st stop is to Tanzania you do not need the vaccine to enter Kenya? It's just the other way that creates the issue.
I was advised that one Yellow Fever vaccination protects you for life. In the literature I was given it specifically states people that had cancer and/or on cancer medications should not have the vaccine.
I hope this helps but as Skunkman1 suggests speak to a travel doctor.
Good luck!

I took my 11 year old granddaughter to Kenya in June. We both had the yellow fever shots. I had the shot about 12 years ago, but decided to get another as they were first considered good for 10 years.....but was told that one is good for life now. We never needed to provide our yellow fever immunization card upon arriving in Kenya.
Get a letter from your doctor.

Hi Wanda, I decided to get the YF vaccine because I also heard that border agents can deny entry. I haven’t heard of anyone being denied entry but in your husband’s case I think his health issue would be an acceptable reason to not have the vaccine.
I say he should go!!
Also, the travel physician I visited said 1 vaccine is good for life.
I will let you know how many travelers on my trip had the vaccine and how many did not.