Zambia and Zimbabwe visas

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Has anyone obtained a visa for Zambia and/or Zimbabwe upon entry recently? Was there any problem? Thank you.

We got a visa at the airport when we landed in Zambia in September 2010. I think it was US$50. There was no hassle for us because we knew in advance what to expect but the couple ahead of us didn't have exact cash and they wouldn't let them in (but they hassled them for 10-15 minutes anyway). I don't know how they resolved the issue.

In 2009, we obtained two Zimbabwe double-entry visas directly from the embassy via mail. At the time we went, Overseas Adventure Travel advised tour participants to obtain visas in advance to avoid potential delays or issues at airport entry points.

Like Skunkman, I always obtain visas by myself rather than via a visa service. This does require getting application materials and following their instructions carefully. My one exception thus far has been for a Russian Visa due to the 'letter of invitation' requirement.

Our experience on safari was published in the October 2010 issue of ITN.

I do not see any advantage in getting a visa in advance for Zambia. (I cannot speak to a visa for Zimbabwe). You will not be leaving the airport until the very last person in your group has their visa and their luggage so you may be waiting quite awhile in any case. Even though you may be on a custom tour (as we were) that does not necessarily mean that you will be transported to your lodging by yourselves. When we entered Zambia (through Livingston), there was another couple on the plane who were going to the same resort that we were. They chose not to eat the lunch provided on the plane and took and spent an extra 45 minutes ordering and eating a snack at the airport. We sat in that airport for over an hour before we left for the resort.

When we got our Russian visas last year the visa service required that we send them (in both directions) by FedEx. That added another $120+ in cost to the visa process.