Tuscany accommodation information request

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<p>A group of six active seniors would like to rent an accommodation with 3 bedrooms in Tuscany for a week in early October 2011. Cooking facilities ,availability of a car and driver and a location in or near a village are desired. Responses will be gratefully acknowledged. </p>

We used Untours for accomodations in Montalcino. It was a small farm and winery. A rental car was included. I drove
without any problems. Your given an orientation about traffic laws. The apartment was comfortable and had a kitchen. See this link for a description:

Thank you for information about this web site--we were not aware of it. There appears to be several good choices--thanks again.

We also used UnTours and stayed in lovely villa just below Montepulciano - formerly a mulberry "orchard," now a vineyard. Wonderful host. Not sure they're still renting but we've used UnTours in Provence, Tuscany, Prague, Budapest, and Portugal and found very satisfactory - not luxurious but very clean, lovely hosts, etc.

Thank you for your comments--we will carefully examine UnTours options.