Instructions for changing your password

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<p>We have had a request for step-by-step instructions for changing a password. This might be useful to those using the difficult-to-remember computer generated passwords. Let us know if any problems occur.</p> <p>To change your password:</p> <p>1. Log in with your old password. If it was computer-generated (and hard to remember), cut and paste it to the text box</p> <p>2a. If you have posted before:<br /> 1. bring up an old post<br /> 2. click on your user name (left side of the screen) to bring up your profile</p> <p>2b. If you have not posted before:<br /> 1.Look at the “Welcome ... ” message on the right side of the screen, under “Search the Forum.”<br /> 2. click on your user name to bring up your profile.</p> <p>3. There will now be three (3) options under the Welcome message:<br /> Profile<br /> Edit<br /> Favorites</p> <p>4. Click on “Edit”</p> <p>5. Scroll down to “Password” and type in your new password - you will be asked to type it twice</p> <p>6. Click on “update profile”</p> <p>7. You will get a message on the screen that your profile is updated.</p> <p>8. Log out as usual </p>