Archaeological Tours to Egypt

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<p>Having already visited most of the popular tourist sites in Egypt (Giza, Luxor, Karnak, Abu Simbel, etc.), I'd like to experience some of the lesser known/more remote archaeological sites. Do you know any small tour groups that provide the latter? </p>

Elaine, could you suggest a good company for first time travelers to Egypt who want a comprehensive trip with very good guides, an in depth experience? You probably have seen Egypt in a similar way. Thanks for any insights you can provide.

Hello Sonia,
I went to Egypt with OAT in 2008. I was completely satisfied and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to get a comprehensive overview of the country ... its culture, history, geography and especially antiquities. I suggest you look at the entry about the OAT Egypt tour in a previous posting one week ago entitled "Trip to Egypt and a Nile River Cruise to the Pyramids" originally posted by Retiredopsmgr. The OAT website is also listed in the posting for reference.
Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you, Elaine.
I will check the OAT trip, and at last week's posting.
This is very helpful because for us sorting out which tours to consider before making a final decision is one of the most important steps. Thanks! Sonia