OAT's Namibia & Skeleton Coast

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<p>Has anyone taken this trip? Comments and criticisms appreciated. Did you think 5 internal flights too much? Thanks. </p>

We took this trip in July and enjoyed it very much. It was winter, so the early morning game trips were cool, but it warmed up quickly. Five internal flights were fine, as the distances would be too long to drive, especially on the poor roads in most of the country. The history of the country is most interesting, as are the varied groups living there and the one-of-a-kind topography. We had a small group and an outstanding guide. Animals are not as abundant as in other areas in Africa - except in Etosha National Park - but that just makes it more exciting when you do see them. I would be happy to answer questions by email.

I took the OAT Namibia trip in Sept 2010, and aside from the fact that it was it very VERY hot, we had a wonderful time. The distances are far and the roads not very good, so if you didn't fly, you'd waste time on long, dusty drives. Besides the 5 internal flights on small chartered planes gave excellent views of the beautiful scenery - dunes, coastline, canyons. If you don't mind flying in little planes, you'll love it.