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<p>Am planning a trip to Lebanon in the fall of 2011 and would like to visit Cyprus (Greek and Turkish sectors) after 8 days in Lebanon. Would like to hear from anyone who has been there, and receive recommendations regarding tours,packages, guides or any other pertinent information about Cyprus </p>

We spent a week in Cyprus in '07. I contacted the Cyprus
Tourist Office in NYC prior to our trip. Boy, were they helpful .... sent a huge package of tourist info including maps, coupons, suggested day trips, etc. etc. They even followed up with a phone call to make sure I got the materials and to make themselves available for questions.
They can be reached at:
Cyprus Tourism Organization

13 East, 40th Street 
New York,
NY 10016

Tel: 212 683 5280 

Fax: 212 683 5282 

These folks are from the Cyprus Republic side so their materials won't talk about the Turkish side but once you arrive, there are lots of travel agents/tour operators providing day trips (or longer) into the Turkish (Nicosia and north) part of the island.
I did a writeup on our trip and I'll try to find it ... although I think I wrote it prior to a hard drive crash and, like a dummy, don't think I made a backup.
Oh, I seem to recall that there have been some previous articles on Cyprus in ITN. You might want to do a search on the archives and on this forum.
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We traveled to Cyprus last September on an independent basis and fell in love with the island. We flew in to Larnaca where we were met by a prearranged driver/car from Kyrenia, a lovely old seaport in North Cyprus. We stayed 3 nights at the White Pearl Hotel (the hotel manager arranged our transfer). It is right on the old harbor, has great views, a good breakfast, and small but very clean en suite rooms. We highly recommend it. Our first day was devoted to exploring the castle and other sights near our hotel. We then did a day trip by taxi to St. Hilarion Castle (a real WOW) and Bellapais Abbey.
We then transferred (arranged again by our hotel) back to Larnaca and rented a car to explore southern Cyprus. This included 3 nights at the Semiramis Hotel in Platres in the Troodos Mountains. We're hikers, and this lovely small hotel provided an excellent base for circling Mt. Olympus plus exploring some of the beautiful frescoed monasteries. Driving in Cyprus on good roads with modest traffic is a pleasure as long as you don't mind driving on the left side of the road as in the U.K.
Next up, after a stunning mountain drive by way of Kykkos Monastery to Lysos on the northwest coast of the island (near Polis), was two nights at the Paradisos Hills Hotel. From this base we explored the mosaics and Tomb of the Kings in Pafos. This hotel -- with its spectacular views and excellent food-- was a trip highlight.
We ended our Cyprus tour with a drive back to Larnaca where we connected with a flight to Crete.
Please let me know if you need additional information.

Geoff and TerryMarc; Thanks loads for all of your very pertinent and detailed information. I appreciate your speedy replies and will certainly heed your recommendations. I have already contacted the Cyprus Tourism Organization in NY and expect their package soon.

I am an American who has just moved permanently to Cyprus in the past year. I can answer most questions you might have so ask away. Unfortunately, I cannot answer any questions about Turkish-occupied Cyprus (North Cyprus) as I have not been there yet (even though I live within 12 km of the border).

Just this past week, there was a terrible explosion at the Naval Base near Zygi (near Limassol). Some weapons that were confiscated from an Iranian shipment bound for Syria 2 years ago were being stored at the naval base since 2009. Proper munitions handling and storage procedures were not in place and the result was a terrible explosion with the loss of 12 lives (6 military and 6 firefighters), 62 people were injured, many many homes were damaged, and the power plant that supplied the Republic of Cyprus with 60% of its power was severly damaged so that it is now non-functional. As a result, we are experiencing power cuts and could be experiencing water shortages (the Reverse Osmosis units have been shut down because of their high power demand). The tourist areas are being supplied with power (as are the hospitals and other vital facilities) but many businesses have volutarily cut back on electric use (mainly AC). The Paphos area seems to be having more power cuts than the area where I live (eastern Cyprus near Ayia Napa). It will be some time before the power plant is repaired/replaced though some large portable generators are being shipped in (about 10 MW worth).

I would recommend travel in late September or early October or April/May for the best weather and less crowds. It gets quite hot in July and August. Of course, the winter is lovely too but not for swimming.