Rothschild Safaris

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<p>Has anyone had experience with Rothschild Safaris? We would appreciate hearing about your experience. Would you recommend this tour operator? Thanks. </p>

Several years ago, I agreed to arrange a Kenya-Tanzania safari for a group of nine of us. I contacted Leora Rothschild, among others, and I'm sure she would have done a fine job for us. Ultimately, however, I chose to work with Susan Wood at A-Way-to-Africa Safaris in New Hampshire( She arranged exactly what we wanted for what we were prepared to spend, and made excellent suggestions for a balance between lodges and tented camps. It sometimes seemed as if we were in touch by phone or email almost daily, and I couldn't imagine an easier person to work with. I suggest that you contact Susan and compare her services and prices before you make your decision.

We used Rothschild Safaris for a trip to Namibia, Botswana and Zambia and they were very easy to work with. They work with tour operators in Africa and they charge the same prices for the same trips that the other agencies here in the US do. Highly recommended.

Marian - Thanks for your reply. It is very helpful to have the information. How long ago did you travel with Rothschild?

September, 2010