Recommendations for Java & Bali Tour?

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<p>Looking for recommended tour companies for Java &amp; Bali tour combining cultural and natural sights. I know Eldertreks offers a good one but dates are very convenient. Any other suggested companies? </p>

Take a look at Adventure Center ( or 800-228-8747) as they are the US rep for several British,Canadian and Australian companies that offer trips to Java and Bali.
Eldertreks is an excellent company (have gone with them twice), but I think of them as an all-inclusive experience. The British, companies offer good, well-priced itineraries, but you stay in more modest accommodations, with usually breakfast only and a fair amount of free time. They are excellent for a traveler who wants a bit of independence, but doesn't want to do the all the planning on his own.
Another company is Explore Worldwide (British) or 800-715-1746. Adventure Center used to be their US rep, but they have since opened their own offices.
Just like Eldertreks' Sumatra and Java/Bali itineraries, trips can be done back-to back, you can pair two trips from the above companies for a more comprehensive look at Indonesia. I'd recommend doing this as it is such a long flight to get there and you might as well stay awhile.

Try Adventure Indonesia. It is a local company based in Jakarta with offices in Bali and elsewhere in Indonesia. They are very reasonably priced and can arrange any type of tour that you are interested in. We went with them last summer and went to Bali (stayed in Kuta, then Ubud, then Lovina), Java to see Borobadur, West Kalimantan (Borneo) to see the orangutans, Komodo and Rica, and West Flores. It was awesome. You can go to their website or email them at or Tell them Sheryl and Jared referred you, and that we say hello.

Thanks for the recommendations. We'll check them out.