Romania--small group or private guide

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<p>Looking for a small group tour (10 or fewer) or a very good private guide for touring around Romania (someone with transportation). Is October a good time to go? We like cool weather but not in rainy season. 10-14 days. Looking for small towns/villages mostly but we need to see the capital as well. Moderate to better hotels are fine. Basic, clean and with bathroom in room are most important for us. Any ideas? </p>

I suggest that you contact Roxana von Kraus at Quo Vadis Travel and Kathy Kutrubes at Kutrubes Travel. Both are located in Boston and both have informative websites.

Lajos Nemeth, who runs Green Eye Tours (, and is based in Hungary, may be able to help you. He has a good selection of eco-trips but can also do private trips as well as provide the transportation. He was my guide on an Eldertreks trip along the Adriatic coast and was excellent.
On that trip, I talked to him about Romania and he advised: if you want to see the old Europe you need to visit Romania. So its on my list too!
Here are some links:
Green Eye Tours itineraries:
Eldertreks itinerary:

We tried a few options before coming to Romania. Your best bet is a Romanian tour company and we decided for Compass Travel Romania

We found excellent reviews on their tours and then have inquired with a number of their past travelers. All were very encouraging so we booked. It was one of the best tours we took in the last years and a wonderful learning experience.

October is a great time to go. It is not too warm but still sunny, and if you are lucky you will have a wonderful Indian summer like we have now. As for accommodation, definitely go with a travel agency which has local contacts. If you go on your own you risk people taking advantage of you. But it can be done; if you book hotels in most cities they have prices on the websites so no worries there. It depends if you are aiming for the main touristic areas or want to explore the virgin nature - there you can definitely find places to stay in villages, they do not ask a lot of money. You might need to rent a car though, the public transportation is pretty much nonexistent here. Plan everything carefully and I am sure you will have a great time, good luck with everything!

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