Tours in Chiapas, Mexico

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<p>I had posted a question about Tia Stephanie Tours ( US company for tours in Mexico), but there were no responses! Maybe another way to approach this is to ask if anyone knows a good tour company in Chiapas that could do a custom tour concentrating on the lessor known Mayan sites. I have been to Palenque, Bonapak and Yaxchilan and am interested in visiting the lessor-touristed, smaller sites in the Chiapas area. </p>

We loved our recent visit to the Argovia Coffee Plantation in Chiapas, which is also a spa resort. So beautiful and peaceful. Wonderful hospitality. Swiss/German ancestors for four generations makes this a special place in the deepest heart of southern Mexico. Pure organic shade grown coffee and flowers in this tropical jungle part of Mexico. I bet they could set up something for you in this area:

Hello! While not Chiapas, some amazing and lesser known Maya sites can be visited in the state of Campeche. In southern Campeche you have the former center of Maya power, Calakmul, located in the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve and the Rio Bec period / style sites of Chicanna, Xpujil, Becan, Hormiguero. Traveling north, one enters the Chenes region, where Edzna and Santa Rosa Xtampac are examples. This, along with charming, tropical, colonial Campeche City make the state of Campeche one of my favorites!

TravelCenturian and tiastephanie: Thank you very much for the responses! I'll look into the Coffee Plantation as well as Campeche and look forward to doing some more research - the Mayan sites mentioned sound very interesting.