Mongolia,Tibet, & Bhutan

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<p>Am looking for a tour that does all 3 countries at once, any ideas? Will settle for 2 if i can't get 3. </p>

That's going to be difficult. Nepal and Tibet, yes. Mongolia and China, but probably not Tibet, yes. You'll likely do better to take three different tours and connect them yourself. Mongolian tours will likely end in Beijing, and Tibet tours may start there - or from Chengdu or Kunming, a flight away.
You can't enter Bhutan from China. Entry to Bhutan by plane (and you have to fly at least one way, on Druk Air) is from Bangkok, Nepal, or India. Entry by land is only possible to/from India at Phuentsholing/Jaigaon.
What's your budget like? does Bhutan, Tibet and Nepal, but it's expensive. At the high end, there are several companies like that that would do a private tour for you if you have the money. At the budget end I usually look at companies like Intrepid, Peregrine, Explore!, Exodus, Adventures Abroad.

If you decide to put tour segments together I suggest using the same tour company ("thursdaysd" mentioned companies that are a good value) and let them make the air arrangements for getting you from the end of one tour to the beginning of the other. It might be a good idea to leave two days in between to make connections.
With a combination of Bhutan, Tibet and Mongolia, you are looking at a possible 4 week + trip.

Thanks for the info. I found a tour company that does Mongolia & Tibet, Selena tours anyboby ever use them? I'll look at the companies thursdaysd suggested and think about the time for connections. 4+ weeks is too long for me.

Never heard of Selena. They seem to be a Mongolia-based company, not a member of IATA if you care about that. I could only find one outline itinerary for Mongolia + Tibet on their site. It looks a bit pricy to me, especially since you'd be in hard sleeper on the train to Lhasa and there doesn't seem to be any sightseeing in Beijing. Not a lot in Tibet either - barely enough time to acclimatize to the altitude.

You may want to look at a company called Third Eye Travel. They advertise in ITN. I used them a while back for a tour to Bhutan and they were excellent. I know they run tours to Tibet as well. Might be worth a look. I would highly recommend them.