Frankfurt Aiport Hotels

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<p>Anyone stayed for the day in a place close to the airport? arriving 1000 and departing 2200. </p>

I have stayed at the Steingenberger Airport Hotel several times. Short ride by free shuttle and fair price. They used to include a continental breakfast.

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When United cancelled my return flight a couple of years ago, they put us up at the nearby Holiday Inn. There was a free shuttle from the airport but hotel was surrounded by woods and nothing else. The room was nice but the food served for our dinner was terrible. Also hotel had no toiletries available and we were not given our luggage so I had to take shuttle back to airport to find basics which were very pricey in the one store near the check-in desks.
There is I believe a Hilton actually attached to the airport, but I've not stayed there. Not sure what day rates may be.

This link is from the Frankfurt airport web site and indicates nearby hotels.