Lhasa, Tibet Hotel

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<p>I will be in Lhasa, Tibet for a few days in September and would appreciate a recommendation for a hotel. I realize the standards in Lhasa are surely not on par with other hotels in major Chinese cities and elsewhere, which may be the reason I am not finding many positive reviews of Lhasa hotels in a preliminary search. I don't expect 'perfect, luxurious' accommodations (though it would be nice) but would like to avoid the bed bugs and the uncleanly conditions. Thank you. </p>

We have been to Lhasa twice, in 2004 when we stayed in a rather mediocre hotel (not unexpected) and in 2007 when we stayed at the Brahmaputra Hotel – new and rather overdone, we thought (it is also a museum, with antiques displayed in the hallways). It was clean and of high quality.

We were in Lhasa in 2002 with a tour group. We stayed at the Lhasa Hotel, NO 1 Minzu Lu, Lhasa Tibet PRC. The hotel was basic but comfortable with a good restaurant on site. It is in a pleasant area near the market and a bit of a walk from the major tourist areas.

I just got back from a trip that included Lhasa. Lhasa is now a huge Chinese city filled with hotels in all price ranges and luxury classes (e.g., St. Regis Lhasa at the upper end). I stayed at the Sheraton Four Points, which has everything you would expect of the Sheraton chain. You can walk to the Barkhor from there, although it's a bit of a hike.