Buenos Aires street crime

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Some websites say that you are almost sure to be robbed of your wallet, camera, purse, etc. in Buenos Aires. However, major guidebooks are not nearly so negative about the city. Does anyone have recent experience in the Palermo, Recollta and San Telmo areas of Buenos Aires?

Yes. I highly recommend a money belt and caution. I was hit with the "dirty water" scam (it was actually yellow goo) when connecting from Catedral to Peru on the subte last October. Being aware of the scam I held on tight to the bag I was carrying (in front) and so was not robbed. Friends were hit with the same scam on the Av. Libertade the week before. I also met a woman who had been robbed of a neck wallet and shoulder bag outside Recoleta cemetery the same week.

I had originally planned to sleep in San Telmo, and was talked out of it on another travel board. Having seen San Telmo I was just as happy to be sleeping in Palermo (Hotel Duque, recommended).

I was starting a cruise in Buenos Aires and our first day included a city tour. Our bus has stopped by the "Flower Sculpture" (it opens and closes according to the weather and also follows the sun), when a jogger ran by, grabbed a participants video-cam and jumped into a waiting car. You must be on your guard at all times in Buenos Aires and be aware of who is around you and of people lingering in cars.