Expedited Passport and visa services

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We are supposed to leave for the 5 'stans on May 7th. As directed by the Kazakh consular service, we sent our passports and applications via post office certified mail with a return self-addressed certified envelope. The return package with our passports was last "seen" on April 4th in Capital Heights, MD. So far, no one at USPS has a clue where it might be. We may need to get expedited replacement passports and then visas for Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Am interested in a recommendation for a service in Washington, DC that can do a really fast turnaround on passports and then the 2 visas.


I suggest you contact CIBT at cibtvisa.com. I think they have subsumed Zeirer Visa Services. They have an office in DC within a few miles of the Passport Office and most embassies. They claim to be able to respond to just such emergencies. I'd phone them and explain the situation.

Meanwhile, it should help if you can find photocopies of your passport information pages.


For fast, reliable service, I recommend PVS International.