Calling All Readers

A few months ago we asked you to share the following.

What castle (or castles) overseas did you find the most rewarding to visit? What about it impressed you or what about it did you enjoy? Along with its name and/or location (if you have contact info, please include it) and any descriptions or comments or anecdotes you wish to add, please mention approximately when you visited.

Separately, what castle (or castles) did you find it most rewarding to stay in overnight? Along with...


Here is the assignment we gave you a few months ago.

Write in about the walking shoes you have found to be the most comfortable. Give a description, including brand name, and tell what you like about them and in what ways they are ideal for travelers — plus any drawbacks. Perhaps you pack two pairs, for different situations. If possible, tell us where you found the shoes or where they can be purchased (include any available contact info) and the approximate price.

And while we’...


Here is a note we printed from Hollie Stotter of Cambria, California, in our November and December 2008 issues on page 4: “I would like to see a list of boutique (small) museums in the world compiled. Each would be a small gem of a not-so-well-known museum that can be seen in less than an hour. For instance, a favorite of mine that I often have recommended to friends is the Jacquemart-André in Paris, an 1869 home preserved with its furniture, tapestries, rugs, paintings, etc. The Benaki...


Many travelers book hotel rooms in advance for the first and last nights of their trips but wing it for all the nights in between. Some just start out cold, blowing with the wind. We asked you independent travelers to tell us how you go about finding nonreserved rooms in places you’ve never been to overseas and to answer the following questions.

What do you look for in a hotel, itself? What do you avoid? When is the best time to check in? What is the best way to ask for a room in...


Helene Schechter of Livingston, New Jersey, described having been unhappy with the flight arrangements that Overseas Adventure Travel had made for her and her husband for a tour; they ended up with a 7-hour layover in Frankfurt, Germany (May ’08, pg. 29).

In a follow-up letter to ITN, Mrs. Schechter wrote, “The quality of their tours should not be confused with those of their flight arrangements. OAT is definitely one of our favorite travel companies. We have always been more than...


At the suggestion of Kathy McIntosh of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, ITN asked readers the following questions.

How do you pack your prescription medications? If you use handy, generic pill cases, has it ever been a problem at the airport? What was the result? Please mention whence and where you were flying and approximately when that was. Have you ever asked an authority (at the airport or in government) about keeping pills in a pill case or other unlabeled container? What were you told...


An ITN reader suggested subscribers write in about great inventions, systems, time savers or conveniences that they have seen overseas. A number of responses were printed in the April ’07 issue. Here are a few more.

If you run across a great idea, write to “Why Don’t We Have That Here?,” c/o ITN, 2116 28th St., Sacramento, CA 95818, or e-mail (include the address at which you receive ITN). Please add where you saw it and when you were there.



What books or movies inspired you to travel to another country (outside of North America and the Caribbean)? ITN asked that question and received many responses, which were printed in the June through September 2005 issues. Here are a few more.

If you have suggestions to share, write to A Novel Approach to Travel, c/o ITN, 2116 28th St., Sacramento, CA 95818, or e-mail (please include the address at which you receive ITN).

My first trip to the UNITED...