This information supplements the article “Overseas Travel Insurance” in the April 1994 issue, page 34.
What are the most important factors to consider when choosing a travel insurance policy or considering not to buy one? Includes a comparison chart of several companies’ offerings.

The Gold MasterCard overseas MasterAssist Medical Protection program has canceled the outstand­ing benefits for overseas travelers as described in the article “Selecting Travel Health Insurance” (ITN, May ‘91, pg. 64).

This cancellation is effective Jan. 1, 1992. Benefits now are essentially ones providing “referrals” and other “assistance.”

The provisions in effect through 1991 supplied no-extra-cost health insurance, medically required trans­portation to cardholders’ home...

Advice regarding the purchase of insurance for travel overseas plus a comparison chart of several companies' offerings. (Note: Numbers may be out of date, but the advice is still valid.)