This fountain is typical of those found throughout Córdoba.
Walking the winding streets of Córdoba, brimming with flowers, 
fountains and rich Mozarabic architecture
Twilight departure from Vienne.
The Rhône and Saône meet mainly in Lyon — cruising the 
waterways from Avignon to Chalon
A view of the Gerlache Straits.
Good food, awesome scenery and an incredible expedition staff 
combine for a once-in-a-lifetime experience
The Roman city of Dougga is a Unesco World Heritage Site.
Weighing the pros and cons of sightseeing in this North African
This gypsy caravan, rented near Pewsey in Wiltshire, has bunks to sleep four.
Discovering the “real” homes of British book characters and their
authors on a children’s trip to England
A view of Metro Manila, as seen from the Westin Hotel.
Revisiting the tropical archipelago to find upscale shopping, 
innovative cuisine and more
A view of Dubrovnik from the mountainside.
Croatia’s enchanting city of Dubrovnik, plus a look at 
neighboring Montenegro and Albania

by Rod King, New Haven, IN

Motoring into the harbor at Poros, Greece, on the Anna II from Athens, I was excited to see that it was as picturesque as I had envisioned it. The bright afternoon sun reflected off the white and cream houses on the hillside, giving them a freshly painted look. The spire of the Church of St. George and the town’s clock tower stood out above the orange tile roofs.

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