Dancing the sardana in Barcelona.

Due to increased tensions following the region’s declaration of independence and Madrid’s subsequent move to take control of Catalonia’s administration (see p. 2), travelers to this region are, as of press time, being advised to “exercise caution” because of the possibility of continued protests by large crowds.

After visiting the Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida, I was intrigued by the variety in the artist’s work and the mediums he worked...

A special opportunity to visit the orangutans of Borneo with the woman who knows them best

While traveling in Rwanda, I met someone who had recently gone to the island of Borneo to see orangutans. She told me about Dr. Biruté Mary Galdikas, who is to orangutans what Jane Goodall is to chimpanzees and Dian Fossey was to mountain gorillas. Together, these three women were dubbed the “Trimates” by Dr. Louis Leakey. 

Dr. Biruté Galdikas might be the lesser known of the three, but she has been in the field in Borneo for 46 years studying these wonderful animals...

The Lamaria Church in Ushguli.

We chose to visit the country of Georgia for its historic religious sites, its culture, its cuisine and its gorgeous scenery, and our 8-day stay in May 2017 did not disappoint.

Though this small, sparsely populated country has become, economically, much poorer since its separation from the Soviet Union in 1991, Georgia is still a popular vacation destination for Russians, who love the food and wine, and it has a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 

Getting settled...

Looking across the harbor of Valletta, Malta, at the “Three Cities.”

In February 2017, we took Viking Ocean Cruises’ “Secrets of the Southern Mediterranean” cruise, from Civitavecchia, Italy, to Barcelona, Spain, stopping at ports in Malta, Tunisia, Sardinia and Algeria. We are both historians, and a primary reason for our taking the cruise was to see the ancient ruins of Barumini on the island of Sardinia, Carthage in Tunisia and the Tipasa Roman ruins and the Royal Mausoleum of Mauretania in Algeria. All four are UNESCO World Heritage...

Esther Perica enjoying the “Let It Be”  graffiti in the Yoga Pavilion.

Rishikesh, India, may not sound familiar to many people, but if I say it is home to “The Beatles’ Ashram,” those of us of a certain age know the place I am talking about.

The town of Rishikesh has become a center for studying yoga and meditation, with lots of ashrams (religious retreats) — some of which cost only $3 per day, including meals and classes — small hotels and a few more upscale properties. It is located in the Himalayan foothills in the state...

One of the samba-school floats we saw at the Sambadrome.

My husband, Charles, and I took a 23-day Amazon cruise — down the eastern coast of South America and up the Amazon River — that ended in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Feb. 25, 2017. However, we were unable to get a flight out of Rio until Feb. 27. 

When we realized that Rio’s Carnival would be in full swing at that time, we decided to hire a guide from Tours By Locals (Vancouver, BC, Canada; 866/844-6783, www.toursbylocals.com) for the two days ($665 total).

Children playing in a square in Luxembourg City.

"Don't we have some ancestors from Luxembourg?” 

The voice on the phone was that of my younger brother, Bob. Usually laconic and often needling, his voice was, instead, eager and excited.

 “A bunch of them,” I answered confidently, although I was equally sure I couldn’t name a single one. “What’s up?”

 “I just read an article in the paper about reclaiming our Luxembourg citizenship,” he said. “...

The Sea Spirit glides by a glacier.

Antarctica has long been on my travel bucket list, but after learning of the wildlife wonders of South Georgia Island, I was torn. Which destination should I choose? 

Fortunately, Jessica at Adventure Life found an expedition that offered an itinerary to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, Antarctica and the South Shetland Islands. This would entail spending 20 days aboard the Sea Spirit, with half of those being at-sea days, but (with luck) my husband, Steve, and I could get...