The Trans Wales Trail ride is a unique way to see seldom-explored parts of wild, wonderful Wales. On a 6-day, 7-night equestrian adventure, guests will cross almost the entire width and length of Wales, from the English border to the Irish Sea, on a sturdy native Welsh cob.


Our journey began in July ’04 at Cwmfforest Riding Centre, owned by Mike and Maria Turner, in Talgarth, Wales. Shortly after arriving, we met the farm’s newest members, six spring foals....


by Lee Daley, Sausalito, CA

On a month-long trip in Southeast Asia, we spent two weeks of December ’04 in Vietnam, a time of warm and balmy weather. Our trip culminated in a festive Christmas Eve celebration in Ho Chi Minh City, still colloquially called Saigon by visitors and residents.

For my traveling companion, it was a return to memories of a people and country that, in the early ’70s as an Army soldier, had charmed and captivated him with its natural beauty. For me, it...


by Lillie Echevarria, Livermore, CA

Africa is a mysterious continent providing diversity of culture, landscape and wildlife. May ’04 marked the start of my fifth trip back. This time the focus would be on great apes and their conservation.

With a frequent-flyer ticket from San Francisco to Entebbe (via London), two rolling duffel bags, three cameras, 50 rolls of film (800ASA) and plenty of mosquito repellent, I was ready for my adventure to begin. Welcomed by muggy weather and...


by Jane B. Hanrahan, Woodbridge, VA

Brasília, Copacabana Beach, Amazonia, Iguazú Falls: these Brazilian attractions I had enjoyed in past years. However, when I arrived in Fortaleza in November ’03, I chose to explore a central section of Brazil’s coast instead of specific points of interest.

Slicing southward on a map from Fortaleza to Salvador cuts off a triangle that juts easterly into the Atlantic. On that segment of land with about a thousand miles of coastline, I spent...


What do you do to pass the time in an airport waiting for a flight? Have any insider tips to make the interval more pleasant? ITN asked readers those questions. Responses appear below. If you have further ideas to contribute, write to Whittle While You Wait, c/o ITN, 2116 28th St., Sacramento, CA 95818, or e-mail editor@intltravelnews.com (please include the address where you receive ITN).

I take the current copy of ITN to read at the airport while waiting. Sometimes I’m surprised...


ITN printed a number of letters on the subject of using the Internet while traveling. These appeared in the October ’03 through January ’04 issues. A few more have been received since then with useful information. Here they are.

On a trip to the U.K. in November ’03, in Edinburgh I noticed they had telephone kiosks on the streets with Internet terminals in them.

You just go in, put a pound coin in the slot and you get 15 minutes’ connection time. The response rate isn’t as...


In the cinderblock lobby of Prague’s Diplomat Hotel (Evropská 15; www. diplomatpraha.cz), my husband, Joe, was exchanging introductions with our guide, Petr, while I waited for my first foray into the Czech language to begin. I was mentally rehearsing my opening line, a difficult one to pronounce, when Joe gave me my cue: “This is my wife, Mary Anne.”

Smiling and extending my hand, I said, “Teší me.”

Petr’s eyebrows shot up. “So soon?” he replied.

“What did I say?”


by Patricia Arrigoni, Fairfax, CA

It was 4:30 in the morning and I had been up since 3 a.m. My natural time clock was completely confused by the bright sunshine pouring through my cabin window, for I was in the Land of the Midnight Sun in northern Norway.

It had taken me four days and four flights through nine time zones (with a stopover in Oslo) to arrive in Kirkenes from California. There I boarded the MS Nordnorge for a 6-day cruise over the top of the world and down to...