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Boarding Pass


A novice monk modeling for us at Shwenandaw Monastery. Photo by Julie Cassen
Capturing amazing memories on a photo tour of Myanmar
By Julie and Tom Cassen
Appears on Page 6
Matera’s cave dwellings, once “the shame of Italy,” are now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Admiring the ancient landscapes of Sicily and Puglia
By Yvonne Horn
Appears on Page 18
View of Kyoto’s Silver Pavilion.
Fascinated by the flora and fauna of Japan
By Bev Hendrickson
Appears on Page 32
Active Years Travel Choices
Appears on Page 38
Marv Feldman standing outside Bariloche’s Centro Civico.
Spontaneous adventures in Argentina
By Marv & Carole Feldman
Appears on Page 42

Travelers' Intercom

The active volcano Mt. Etna as seen from the roof terrace of the UNA Hotel Palace in Catania. Photo by Ging Steinberg
Special sights in Sicily
By Fred Steinberg
Appears on Page 12
Credit Card Surprise
By Ron Merlo
Appears on Page 14
“Sherlock Holmes Museum, London” by Stephen O. Addison, Jr.
Sherlock Holmes Museum, London
By Stephen O. Addison
Appears on Page 15
Our Walk Japan group having dinner at an inn.
Nakasendo Way with Walk Japan
By Victor Block
Appears on Page 24
India’s Golden Triangle and Tailormade
By Petra Luchesa
Appears on Page 25
Bushbuck in Sabi Sands Game Reserve, South Africa.
South Africa with Southern Destinations
By Joyce Bruck
Appears on Page 26
A month in Greece
By Samantha Sartain
Appears on Page 28
The Balkans with a private guide
By Charles Swartz
Appears on Page 29
Albania and Macedonia private tour
By David Smith
Appears on Page 30
In the Event of a Death Abroad – Keeps documents on netbook
By Nancy J. Norberg
Appears on Page 46
Packing Prescriptions - Planning ahead
By Rich & Joan Blacharski
Appears on Page 46
Packing Prescriptions – Go mail-order
By Julie Adamik
Appears on Page 46
Packing Prescriptions – Fully supplied
By Brenda Milum
Appears on Page 46
Keep In contact with your valuables
By Nili Olay
Appears on Page 47
A money belt is easy to use
By Nancy Gatland
Appears on Page 47
Oslo trams and trains
By Bob Tews
Appears on Page 48
Marilyn Hill in the garden near the entrance to Hôtel de Sully, which is near Place des Vosges in Paris. Photo by Linda Hill
Lunches in Paris 
By Marilyn Hill
Appears on Page 48
Apartment in Dijon
By Cecilia Morrissey
Appears on Page 49


The Anglican St. Andrew’s Cathedral, the largest cathedral in Singapore, is located in the heart of the city. Photo: ©Sathianpong Phookit/123
Countries where locals feel safe. Also, cruise ships and smoking.
Boarding Pass

By David Tykol
Appears on Page 2
The Geografile
Appears on Page 37
Nguyen Thu Nhi (left) and Chef Nguyen Thanh Ngoan (right) with finished Vietnamese Rice Cakes — Parkroyal Saigon. Photos by Sandra Scott
What’s Cooking In… Vietnam
What's Cooking in...

By Sandra Scott
Appears on Page 51
In Britain, the kids are all right
Rick Steves' Europe

By Rick Steves
Appears on Page 53
Lions guarding one of the six temples at the Preah Ko complex.
Early Khmer temples at Angkor
By Julie Skurdenis
Appears on Page 54
Hot springs pool at Hveravellir — a true oasis in Iceland’s spartan lava interior. Photos by Randy Keck
Far Horizons

By Randy Keck
Appears on Page 56

Funniest Thing

Going In Cirlces
By Mary McDaniel
Appears on Page 49

Where in the World? Correct Answers