This is the February 2021 issue

Boarding Pass


This expansive view was seen from a high vantage point on one of our hikes.
Hiking Japan’s Kyushu island
By Gloria Einstein & Cynthia Grayson
Appears on Page 6
Map of Belize.
Birding in Belize
By Günther Eichhorn
Appears on Page 21

Travelers' Intercom

A November 2020 trip to Mexico
By Carole Shereda
Appears on Page 10
The town of Cilaos in the Cirque de Cilaos caldera — Réunion. Photos by Ann Cabot
Smitten with Réunion Island
By Ann Cabot
Appears on Page 12
Path to Cirque de Gavarnie in the French Pyrénées. Photos by Marcia Reynolds
Pyrénées & French Basque Country
By Marcia Reynolds
Appears on Page 14
Fan of Tunisia and Algeria
By Phyllis Schlesinger
Appears on Page 23
Vilnius’ Gates of Dawn date back to the early 1500s. Photos by Stephen Addison
Vilnius planning failure
By Stephen Addison
Appears on Page 23
Recalling a flight in PNG
By Stephen E. DeForest
Appears on Page 24
Carole on the fantail of a ferry in the Wrangell Narrows — southeastern Alaska. Photo by Marv Feldman
Travelers’ Intercom USA
Appears on Page 32

Calling All Readers!

Driving through the mountains of northern Italy on a beautiful sunny day in August 2018, I came across this quaint mountain village with a glacier in the background. Photo by Liz Fischer
COVID-19 cancellations (Part 6)
Appears on Page 16


Westminster Abbey: British pageantry in a Gothic jewel box. Photo by Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli
Rick Steves’ Europe: Westminster Abbey: The national soul of England
Rick Steves' Europe Supplemental

By Rick Steves

Rue Cler’s stores make picnic-shopping fun in Paris. Photo by Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli
Rick Steves’ Europe: Fine living at a Paris market
Rick Steves' Europe Supplemental

By Rick Steves

Córdoba’s back streets are a delight to explore. Photo by Rick Steves
Rick Steves’ Europe: Strolling Córdoba’s back streets
Rick Steves' Europe Supplemental

By Rick Steves

Riomaggiore, one of the Cinque Terre towns, is aglow at night. Photo by Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli
Rick Steves’ Europe: The Cinque Terre: Italy’s Riviera
Rick Steves' Europe Supplemental

By Rick Steves

The port of Corricella on the island of Procida, a 40-minute hydrofoil ride from Naples, Italy.
Cruise line enforced COVID safety rules. COVID-related death on a flight
Boarding Pass

By David Tykol
Appears on Page 2
Flag of Israel
The Geografile
The Geografile

By Bryan Henry
Appears on Page 20
Leave it to cleaver. Giulio on the job in Montepulciano. Photo by Rick Steves
The Italian love of eating
Rick Steves' Europe

By Rick Steves
Appears on Page 27
“Minyi Puru” by Jakayu Biljabu — Yiribana Gallery, Sydney. Photos by Julie Skurdenis
Sydney’s Yiribana Gallery
Focus on Archaeology

By Julie Skurdenis
Appears on Page 29
On-the-Road Travel Tips (part 11)
Far Horizons

By Randy Keck
Appears on Page 31

Funniest Thing

It has a nice bouquet, with notes of cod
By Dolores (Loie) Maminski
Appears on Page 25

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