Azores Questions

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Thinking about a trip to the Azores. Would like to know about exchanging money. What about ATMs or local banks and their rates. We would plan to bring Euros for smaller shops and restaurants. Do many restaurants take credit cards ? Probably be visiting Terceira. Any advice regarding local attractions suggestions would be appreciated. We would be renting a car so that we could visit the entire island. Thanks for your suggestions. Charles

Since the Azores belong to Portugal, they use the Euro. Also, credit cards widely accepted, although with restaurants be sure to look for the credit card symbols in the window. If not, ASK! ATMs found in major cities. The Azores are quite mountainous, so be prepared for narrow, although good, roads.

If you want an excellent guide in Terceira, I can highly recommend Antonio Silva of Azor-In. He gave us a fantastic day tour last month. His website is