by Bill Kizorek, Lisle, IL

On my thirtieth trip to Thailand, I spent 30 days roving the country via taxis, tuk-tuks, buses, planes, boats and elephants. Here is the recap for not only budget travelers but also those who want to savor the pinnacle of Thai luxury. Half of the trip was an independent (and expensive) journey; the other half was with a tour group.

Luxury accommodations

I began in Bangkok at the Sukhothai (fax 800/223-6800 or visit www.sukhothai.com), an...


by June L. Griffin, Lewiston, ME

August 2004 was the ideal time for my week’s visit to the beautiful English countryside, includings the Cotswolds, which offer some of the loveliest scenery in the country.

Making arrangements

There are several ways to reach this region. One way is to take a train from London to Oxford and then a bus or car to someplace like Burford, a lovely small town.

On this visit to England, I arranged my air-and-land package with Collette...


by John Chatfield, Contributing Editor, ITN

From the gleaming modern city of Dubai to a safari in the bush in Kenya — there couldn’t be a larger contrast.

In November ’04 I was on a familiarization trip to Kenya sponsored by African Travel, Inc. This was a joint effort of the Kenya Tourist Board and several American tour operators to boost tourism to Kenya, which had been hurt badly after the bombing of our embassy in Nairobi in 1998. There were over 160 travel agents visiting...


We wanted to know the questions you ask when deciding at which hotel to stay and even which room within a hotel. What are your minimum requirements? What’s on your “I hope they have it” list? How do you go about locating, researching and booking a hotel room? Responses from a couple of readers appear below. (You also may wish to refer to Contributing Editor Philip Wagenaar’s article, “How to Find the Right Accommodation at the Right Price” [Dec. ’00, pg. 146].)

Send in your own hotel...


We stood in rapt attention as our guide pointed out the figure of a bison on the cave wall. The artist had used the natural contours of the rock to give a 3-dimensional quality to the body of the animal. As the guide used his flashlight to outline the figure, we could almost imagine it was a torch like that used by a shaman or medicine man 15,000 years ago.

We were in Grotte Font-de-Gaume, a cave in the Dordogne, or Périgord, region of southwest France. This is one of the last caves...


by Theodore Lewis, Severna Park, MD

A little over two years ago, my longtime German friend, Walter, invited me to visit him in Germany and we took a wonderful tour along the Romantic Road (see Jan. ’03, pg. 52). For 2004 he suggested we visit the quaint and colorful towns and cities in another part of Bavaria and also include the charming city of Salzburg in upper Austria.

Making plans

My wife of 43 years (never a cross word) urged me to go alone, since she no longer...


—by Beverly Shaver, El Cerrito, CA

Almost every visitor to Asia at one time or another passes through Singapore, be it on a shore excursion from a cruise ship or while changing planes. We did not plan to linger as we arrived there on our way home following a 2-week, September ’04 ramble through eastern Malaysia, given the few antiquities and the super-modern urban environment there. We likely would have spent the night before our departure in our hotel room had it not been for the...


—Col. Harold Grady, St. Louis, MO

When the rat race gets too hectic, the travel bug bites me and I yearn for exotic places and faraway lands. However, for 2004 my wife, Donna, and I were in a quandary about where to travel. We crossed Europe off our list because of the weak dollar there. Likewise, the many problems in the Mideast and Asia narrowed our choices to just a few dollar-friendly countries.

Travel experts claimed Argentina was one of the safest and cheapest travel...