This is the November 2016 issue

Boarding Pass


A view over the rooftops of Vienne from atop Mount Pipet.
Food and fun in France: Cruising from Lyon to Avignon
By Beth Habian
Appears on Page 6
St. George’s University sits on a bluff overlooking a beautiful beach.
Returning for a third time and Grenada’s still a charm
By Steven Cole
Appears on Page 20
The author with smiling schoolchildren in Mfuwe.
Walking among the wildlife in Zambia and Zimbabwe
By Geri Spieler
Appears on Page 34
Carole Feldman in her Cartagena, Colombia, Airbnb apartment. Photo by Marvin Feldman
What You Should Know About Using Airbnb
Appears on Page 38
Some of the hairpin turns encountered on our Andes crossing from Argentina to Chile.
A spectacular 3-week stay in Santiago
By Marv and Carole Feldman
Appears on Page 44

Travelers' Intercom

El Panecillo and La Virgen de Quito. Photos by Stephen O. Addison, Jr.
Quito vs. Bogotá 
By Stephen O Addison Jr.
Appears on Page 13
Magnolia Garden Homestay.
Magnolia Garden Homestay, Vietnam
By Carole Shereda
Appears on Page 14
Bright memories of a gray day in Nice
By Carolyn Taylor
Appears on Page 16
The majestic Sagitta. Photo by Cindy Shurtleff
The Caribbean via tall ship
By Cindy Shurtleff
Appears on Page 24
Local returning from the fields — Madagascar. Photo by Joyce Bruck
Africa’s east coast with Silversea
By Joyce Bruck
Appears on Page 25
Edinburgh Castle. Photo by Nili Olay
Rick Steves’ Scotland
By Nili Olay
Appears on Page 27
Arlene (in the middle) with college girls in front of the Golestan Palace complex in Tehran.
Iran with MIR Corp.
By Arlene Mikkelsen
Appears on Page 28
Iran with Spiekermann
By Michael A. Rea
Appears on Page 29
Kabalebo rainforest resort 
By Josephine Moore
Appears on Page 30
A woman testing the reading glasses as Judy Faitek looks on. Photos by Matt Norton
Tanzania with OAT
By Judy Faitek
Appears on Page 30
‘Perfect guide,’ Netherlands 
By Doris Miner
Appears on Page 32
VRBO for private rentals
By Hildy Mignone
Appears on Page 32
Traveling with portable oxygen
By Emily Langston
Appears on Page 33
Covered by Allianz
By Doug Barnett
Appears on Page 48
Sources of travel maps
By Robert A. Siebert
Appears on Page 48
Hurtigruten for Antarctica
By Diane Robbins
Appears on Page 49
Repel Mosquito Wipes
By Tony & Patti Leisner
Appears on Page 49

Calling All Readers!

Narrow-gauge and offbeat railways
Appears on Page 17

Essay Contest Winners

Nice is Nice - Winners
Appears on Page 42


A female and a young male polar bear — Svalbard Islands, Norway. Photo ©Juan Gil Raga/
Cruise accidents in the news. Northeast Passage cruises.
Boarding Pass

By David Tykol
Appears on Page 2
A vegetable garden planted with varieties of times past — Kolymbetra, near Agrigento, Sicily. Photos by Yvonne Michie Horn
The Garden Path
The Garden Path

By Yvonne Michie Horn
Appears on Page 51
The best way to meet locals in Britain is to cozy up to them at the bar. Photo by Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli
Top travel mistakes and how to avoid them
Rick Steves' Europe

Appears on Page 53
Buddha statues line all four sides of the temple enclosure at Wat Yai Chai Mongkol — Ayutthaya, Thailand. Photos by Julie Skurdenis
Ayutthaya — island kingdom
Focus on Archaeology

By Julie Skurdenis
Appears on Page 54
Alluring Skógafoss on the Skógá River in southern Iceland. Photos by Randy Keck
Far Horizons : Iceland
Far Horizons

By Randy Keck
Appears on Page 57
The Geografile
Appears on Page 59

Funniest Thing

Botany lesson
By Steve Jones
Appears on Page 49

Where in the World? Correct Answers

Sua Ocean Trench, Samoa
To Sua Ocean Trench, Samoa
Appears on Page 69