This is the December 2017 issue


The stunning Wazir Khan Mosque in Lahore.
A long-anticipated trip to Pakistan proves worth the wait
By John Goldstein
Appears on Page 6
Dancing the sardana in Barcelona.
An inspired art pilgrimage to Spain’s Catalonia region
By Birute Skurdenis
Appears on Page 16
A special opportunity to visit the orangutans of Borneo with the woman who knows them best
A special opportunity to visit the orangutans of Borneo with the woman who knows them best
By Dr. Evan Goldfischer
Appears on Page 28
The Lamaria Church in Ushguli.
Impressive sights abound on a private tour of Georgia
By Larry & Carol Crabill
Appears on Page 40

Travelers' Intercom

Mileage-award-ticket secrets
By Esther Perica
Appears on Page 11
Alpha Flight Guru
By Judith Anshin
Appears on Page 12
Cais da Ribeira waterfront in Porto, Portugal. Photos by Stephen Addison
Spain vs. Portugal from a traveler’s perspective 
By Stephen Addison
Appears on Page 12
How Viking responded to curtailed cruise
By Thomas C. Miller
Appears on Page 22
Where airline’s responsibility ends
By Linda & Peter Beuret
Appears on Page 22
Sandy and Jim Delmonte at the statue of Genghis Khan — Mongolia.
Mongolia with MIR Corp.
By Jim Delmonte
Appears on Page 23
Walks for all with HF Holidays
By Pamela Taylor
Appears on Page 26
Family residence at Aigas Field Centre — Beauly, Scotland. Photo by Edna R.S. Alvarez
Aigas Field Centre, Scotland
By Edna R.S. Alvarez
Appears on Page 26
The case for do-it-yourself travel
By Robert Carrelli
Appears on Page 27
Reimbursed after having to cancel
By Thomas Griffith
Appears on Page 44
Satisfaction from Squaremouth
By James Galiardo
Appears on Page 44
Short stay in Singapore
By Brita Bishop
Appears on Page 44
‘Exceptional’ B&Bs in UK
By J. Bernstein
Appears on Page 44

Calling All Readers!


In the tangle of downtown Rome, convents can provide a restful oasis for weary travelers.
Europe's convents offer tranquility -- and treat
Rick Steves' Europe Supplemental

By Rick Steves

Traditional “rabelo” boats, which were once used to deliver port wine from the Douro Valley, line Porto’s harbor at sunset.
Porto: Portugal's 'second city' is second to none
Rick Steves' Europe Supplemental

By Rick Steves

“A Great Emporium,” by Malcolm Koh, is one of four sculptures in the historically themed “People of the River” series along the Singapore River in Singapore.
Kurdistan and Catalonia updates. Turkey visas kerfuffle. Stricter TSA security. Wild animal interactions cut.
Boarding Pass

By David Tykol
Appears on Page 2
An RFID-blocking wallet can prevent data thieves from remotely scanning RFID chips, such as those in passports and some driver’s licenses. Photo by Mark Gallo
Securing your personal information on RFID chips
The Mindful Traveler

By Mark Gallo
Appears on Page 47
The exterior of The Garden Museum, which is housed in a deconsecrated London church, with the “floating” café in the distance. Photo by Andrew Burton, The Garden Museum
The Garden Museum, London 
The Garden Path

By Yvonne Michie Horn
Appears on Page 48
Spree River sightseeing boats pass by the Berliner Dom (in background) on Museum Island in Berlin. Photos by Randy Keck
Today’s Berlin
Far Horizons

By Randy Keck
Appears on Page 50

Funniest Thing

Finding the cure
By James A. Thorson
Appears on Page 45

Where in the World? Correct Answers